"From the Mind to the Marketplace"



”Got a great idea? This book will tell you how to turn it into a real product (or service) from which you can make, promote, and profit! … It not only shows you why, but what you have to do to get the world to beat a path to your door.

  Many books about small business are like academic textbooks ... this is a how-to book from the trenches … a fascinating look at the process, and invaluable advice on how you can get your new business up and running … a must-read for would-be investors and entrepreneurs.”

Tony Martin, co-author of Personal Finance for Dummies and a columnist for the Globe and Mail.



In 1996 Andrew invented the Caulk-Rite tool, a small plastic device that applies caulk neatly to bathrooms and kitchens. He told Jayne it would be easy to sell it to retail giants such as Canadian Tire and Home Depot, and she believed him. But she found it was not as easy as the numerous “how to start your own business books” describe.


Of particular interest is the entertaining and informative section on home improvement store buyers—those responsible for placing new items in their retail outlets. Jayne lightheartedly refers to the buyers as her lovers, of whom she spends hours thinking, then courting and pursuing in the hope they will eventually place her products in their nice big stores.


Each chapter ends with advice for the inventor, conveniently and plainly set out in point form. Appendices contain sample letters to buyers, examples of press releases, and charts on how to record approaches to buyers.


From the Mind to the Marketplace is a necessary resource for anyone contemplating selling their own ideas and inventions successfully. It is also vital for anyone with an interest in owning and operating his or her own business.



”This tasty and helpful guide to inventing, marketing and making money with great Canadian ideas [is] a great read … compellingly honest, and stuffed with business wisdom …a critical reference for anyone who has thought of something the world needs, but doesn’t know how to take the next steps. Jayne’s story underscores the single-minded determination one needs to get a good product past the gatekeepers and into the waiting hands of the people who desperately need it.”—Mag Ruffman, syndicated columnist and television host


Jayne Seagrave gives a first-hand account of the development of the Vancouver Tool Corporation and her experiences and strategies for selling her husband Andrew Dewberry’s invention to the Canadian marketplace. The book also provides an entertaining account of how the couple moved from their established careers as criminologist and architect to undertaking every aspect of running a small business.


“… a readable how-to guide for taking an innovation to market … an interesting and inspiring account of how a small start-up business found success in a competitive industry … Straightforward and enjoyable, it provides entrepreneurs sound lessons that can be easily understood and implemented.”? Darren Dahl, Sauder School of Business, UBC.