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Since it's creation way back in 1996 The Vancouver Tool Corporation has been featured in a number of North American newspapers and magazines. Here are just a few of the comments that have been made about The Vancouver Tool Corporation and it's unique inventions.


"They do things differently at Vancouver Tool Corporation. For Example: Entering a National Best-New-Product Competition then – four months before judging – inventing the product that wins the prize."
The Vancouver Sun


"The caulking tools were recently featured on QVC the American Shopping Network, and ended up selling more than 300,000 units".
Business Edge


"While other sales people dress in suits and ties and display their packaged wares in shelves behind them, they dress in jeans and roll up their sleeves and get down to the gritty work of caulking to prove their products deliver on their promises."
Business in Vancouver


"Vancouver Tool Corporations newly designed plastic household gizmo, designed for the tedious task of removing old caulking, beat out 667 other entries, including ones from industry giants such as Black and Decker. Noting that the award winning product retailed for a mere $3.99, the five member judging panel remarked there was nothing else like it on the market."

The National Post


"The Caulk-Rite tool is one of my favourite time savers. It belongs in every stocking."
The Vancouver Province


"He (Andrew Dewberry) worked with injection molders to perfect the model. His enthusiasm is obviously infectious. Local companies, he says, were willing collaborators, often calling him late at night with sudden inspiration. Why do that? Apparently inventing brings out the best in people"
BC Business


"Dewberry is an inventor and what he does best is create new products for his target market."
The Entrepreneur


"As long as he can remember Andrew Dewberry (president of VTC) has been dreaming up better ways to do things. He recalls lying in bed one night, and, unable to fall asleep, contemplating the car industry and how it would be more efficient if the steel maker was located next door to the car plant. Not your normal way of counting sheep."
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